Mike always wanted to write but, somehow, life got in the way. As a result, although he talked the talk, he didn’t walk the walk. Until, that is, his mid 30’s when a divorce opened the doors that he thought were closed to him. In doing so, he made the journey from

  • A disturbed childhood and transient early life to some achievement
  • Being signed into the army at 15 to architectural practice at 27
  • Being a mature student to community activist
  • Being an unemployed single parent to award winning charity Director
  • Mental health problems and a breakdown to more of a sense of ease with himself
  • Divorce and a series of short term relationships to a late, very happy, second marriage

That journey started with the death of his mother when he was five, following which, he was fostered, signed into the army at 15, married, been an architect, divorced, a single parent, student, community activist, barman, cleaner, pizza chef and unemployed before, in his late 30’s, joining the voluntary sector on a job creation scheme. There he rescued a number of charities from closure and made them successful, for which he received national commendations. Along the way, he has worked in all sectors of the economy from dogsbody to Director and been sacked and unemployed. Following therapy, he is now married with another daughter and three grown up grandchildren. He has also renovated five properties, completed the Lyke Wake Walk and run the London Marathon twice. He still runs to this day.

This life has made him different, something he has described in his books. Now, at an age when most of his peers have opted for cardigan and slippers, he is on his sixth career as a writer and speaker. The author of four books with one awaiting publication and a further three in the pipeline, he continues to write and make the most of life. Long may it continue.


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