Monthly Archives: April 2021

For Rosalyn

Four weeks ago yesterday was the anniversary of the first lockdown of the pandemic in England, Scotland and Wales. Little, of course, did we then know the damage that it would wreak. Yet on the same day our family were also marking a very different, and much more personal, event; one, however that we felt less able to celebrate at the time.  On that morning, at 6.34 am, Rosalyn Ada Davey entered the world and, in doing so, made it a considerably better place. Rosalyn, for those who don’t know, is our granddaughter, courtesy of Ellie, and Alan, her partner. So, why the delay?

              Well, the birth wasn’t an easy one to say the least but Ellie, as seems to be usual for the female of the species, got on with it. Gaynor and I spent most of the early hours of Tuesday morning awake and worried. And that was before Rosalyn was taken into the Intensive Care Unit at the local hospital with an infection. The next four weeks weren’t good but, thanks to some excellent nursing staff, the little one was finally allowed home on Monday afternoon.   

              The first photos showed an extremely beautiful child, (yes, Grandad, we know) with dark hair, looking a little grumpy, probably at the sudden change in her personal circumstances. They also show, as was the case with her granny, a remarkable likeness between mother and daughter. This apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree! As for her  mum and dad, they were already demonstrating that, slightly dazed but idolatrous, look common to most parents when confronted with their new baby. It is one that Rosalyn will quickly get used to and, no doubt, use to her advantage in her dealings with them over the years. I am already a doting grandfather while Gaynor is still managing the descent from the ceiling. Fortunately, she hasn’t really been out in the fresh air recently so I haven’t had to hold her down yet. Already, however, even in the short passage of time that Rosalyn’s been around, a personality is evident and it is one that we look forward to sharing our lives with. So, what to say to this little person?

              Well, the first thing is “Welcome”, along with the promise that you will never be lacking for love and care; your parents, grandparents and other family will make sure of that. Should you ever need any extras, well, I’m sure that these can be found. It’s the least we can do for the joy you bring.  What I’d like for you is a long and fulfilling life, one in which you are able to be who you can be without too much in the way of baggage. One who has the capacity to enjoy life, make others happy in the process and to contribute to the greater good. You have already done much of that just by being here!

              You will, of course, inhabit a world that my grandparents will have had very little concept of and who you never met. So, on your journey through life, remember those who made you who you are. The ones who brought me up were special people who loved their children as they would have loved you, so cherish that memory. In the meantime, your granny and I look forward to being part of your life and watching you grow, protected and surrounded by love. It’s the least we can do.

Love you, little one,